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Our Instructors


Our Instructors have over ten years of experience in training and certifying the people of California. Our instructors have trained people in all industries and professions including in education, academia, public service, health care, commercial services, retail and agriculture.

Our Mission is to provide high quality training in order to empower individuals in our community to respond to emergencies and provide care to injured and ill persons.

The Following Classes Can Be Combined or Taken Separate

Adult CPR

Receive a Two-Year certification For Adult CPR and learn how to respond to emergencies.


Receive a Two-Year Certification in the use of the Automated External Defibrillator.

Pediatric CPR

Receive a Two-Year certification for Pediatric CPR. This includes both Children from age 1 to 12, and Infants who are under 1 Year.

First Aid

Receive a Two-Year Certification in Basic First Aid. This training includes how to respond and give first aid for various illnesses, injuries and environmental emergencies.

The Following Classes Can Be Added as Additional Certifications or as a Separate Class.

Asthma Inhaler Administration

This 30 minute class gives a Two-Year certification in the administration of an Asthma Inhaler.

Epi-Pen Adminstration

This 45 minute class gives a Two-Year certification in the administration of the widely used Epi-Pen for the treatment of anaphylactic shock.

Tourniquet Application Training

This 30 minute class gives a Two-Year Certification on applying a commercial tourniquet for severe bleeding emergencies.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

This 60 minute class gives a Two Year OSHA required certification for workers.

Additional Courses Offered:

California Child Care Pediatric First Aid & CPR

This is required 8 hour training for owner's of private Home Day Care and Commercial Preschools in order to maintain California licensing.

Babysitter's Training

The ideal class for teenagers and young adults to get the skills needed to babysit children and infants to earn money! Learn how to market and network to find work as a babysitter, how to feed, diaper, and supervise kids of all ages. Also learn what to do in an emergency, basic first aid, and how to handle difficult children.

CPR for the Professional Rescuer

This class give a Two-Year certification for Professional Rescuers and delivers information and protocols  specifically for lifeguards, EMS personnel, police, security staff, firefighters, athletic trainers and other front line personnel.

Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers

This class gives a Two-Year certification for Basic Life Support for Health Care Workers, including EMT's, CNA's, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Health Care Support Staff.

Wilderness & Remote First Aid

This Two-Year certification is based on the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid training, and teaches advanced skills to be used when professional rescuers are too far away.

Prerequisites: Must be at least 14 years old and hold current adult CPR/AED certification.


*This is a 16  hour class over two days.

Title 22 (California First Aid for Public Safety Personnel)

This course is designed to meet the first aid and CPR/AED training requirements of lifeguards, fire fighters and peace officers in California to comply with the requirements of Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations.

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